No, everyone doesn’t go to college. Of course, it’s an excellent choice for many, but not for all – for a variety of reasons. But does that mean, your career is lost – absolutely not!  Saying no to a college degree, however, doesn’t have to mean saying no to your talents, interests, and strengths. It may merely mean saying yes to trades school and opening the door to a career you love.

According to Dave Tomar, “Trade schools educate and train students in practical skills while providing clear pathways to a sustainable career. As the cost of collet mounts, evidence suggests that not all students are served best by an investment in an expensive four-year degree.”

Trade schools (also called technical or vocational schools) focus on teaching practical skills related to a specific job/occupation. Classes are streamlined, hands-on learning, and often can be completed within two years or less. The choices are many covering skills from auto or aviation mechanic to equipment operators, culinary skills, or garden and landscaping designers. Students can earn technician status in a wide variety of fields, from HVAC to engineering to technology and more. Try commercial driving, plumbing, conservation, or legal assistant. And that’s only the beginning.

The Benefits:

  • Save money: A trades school certificate, diploma, or associate degree is often 75% less than a bachelor’s degree.
  • Save Time: Graduate sooner and start carving your career path.
  • Tailor your education to your interests: Earn a stable income doing what you enjoy doing.
  • Classes are smaller: students can receive more one-on-one attention.
  • Flexibility: Coursework for these types of programs is often offered in the evenings or on weekends for students who are trying to juggle current family and professional responsibilities.
  • Gain experience: You are already one step ahead of the game! Not only are you getting an education, but you are also getting a lot of hands-on training in your area of study.
  • Get a job in the industry you studied: In today’s labor market, there is a severe skills gap. Completing trades school can make you an in-demand job applicant.

Whether college isn’t an option due to time and money factors or your bent is toward a skilled trade, take time to evaluate your career goals. Could these goals be met via trade school? If in-demand skill training, substantial return-on-investment, and supportive job placement are your goals, trade school may very well be the option for you!

Bring your trades school diploma or certificate to Flex-Team, Inc. We are always interested in skilled labor and experience, coupled with excellent soft skills. We have positions to fill – and one of them might be tailormade for you. We can make a difference in your career. Contact us today.