Why Unfilled Manufacturing Orders Illustrate the Need for More Temp Employees Today


It’s no secret that the manufacturing industry – from electronics equipment and automotive/truck production to clothing, food production and household goods, accounts for a good deal of employment in the United States as well as much of the US GNP. It’s also a big segment in the temporary workforce industry, as many light manufacturers rely on temp agencies and workers like Flex-Team employees to provide additional labor for unexpected order increases and last-minute production demands.

Temp employees also provide respite for permanent employees who are on vacation or taking maternity leaves, or even for those who have taken ill and must miss work for several days at a time. Given the long time-frame required to locate, screen and hire new employees, the speed and efficiency that temporary employment agencies offer their customers for worker placements is a valuable service that helps many companies to remain successful despite the unpredictability of their human labor force.

A recent article from the British news service Reuters provides some great statistics on the growth and success of the U.S. factory scene, which again points to the value of our temporary employees as a “lubricant” that keeps the gears of industry turning. Some of those stats and facts include:

  • New orders for U.S.-made goods increased for a fourth straight month in March of 2017
  • Factory goods orders rose 0.2 percent according to the Commerce Department
  • Manufacturing currently accounts for about 12 percent of the U.S. economy
  • In March 2017, orders for machinery increased 0.3 percent. Orders for electrical equipment, appliances and components jumped 1.2 percent, while orders for primary metals rose 0.4 percent.
  • Factory orders were up 5.2 percent from one year ago
  • Unfilled orders at factories increased 0.3 percent, rising for a second straight month

While all of these stats except the last one present good news for the US economy, it is the last stat that we wish to discuss. According to Investopedia, “unfilled orders” indicate a backlog in manufacturing production. In other words, factories have more work – more orders – than they can produce. While that’s a nice position to be in, it also poses a threat to business because a client will only endure unfilled orders for so long before they seek-out another manufacturer who can deliver the goods as promised, WHEN promised.

At Flex-Team, we’d just like to point out that our cadre of temporary employees is one of the best solutions for this “log-jam” scenario. IF the materials and energy necessary for production are there, what holds a business back from delivering orders on-time comes down to trouble with employee levels. Manufacturing work can be grueling, and tedious, and it can be hard to keep a motivated staff at-work and at top productivity. Our temporary workforce solutions fill in the gaps where regular employment is failing – for whatever reason. And due to the nature of our agreements with customer companies established ahead of time, our workers can show up at virtually the drop of a hat when HR management recognizes the need.

It’s a win-win solution for every party involved, and most buyers of manufactured products will never even know how often temp workers have contributed to their purchased goods and items they trust on a daily basis.

Are you considering a temp employee solution for your labor needs? We’d love to discuss our labor solutions that will make the most sense for your company situation. Contact us today with questions or to discuss what the Flex-Team labor force can do for you.

Are you an able-bodied worker who’s looking for employment? We’re always looking for responsible, committed individuals to join the Flex-Team force. Take a look at our Employee FAQs here to learn more, then check-out our current job openings and apply to work for Flex-Team today. We’d love to have you on our team!

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