We Know We’ve Told You This Before, but This Really IS The Age of The Temp Employee

There is so much news coming out right now across the nation regarding high employment levels, huge numbers of jobs being added to company rosters, and the very low level of unemployment …. it’s rather astounding how important and vital temporary employment agencies and temp workers are currently. Indeed, with our recruiting networks and technology, pre-screened workers, and managed supply of temporary labor on-hand and ready-to-go, temp staffing companies such as Flex-Team are saving the production schedules of many an overworked and understaffed manufacturing business. We are becoming the only solution to the lack of manpower that many companies are experiencing.

Here in short form are just some of the most recent news articles about the labor supply and demand situation in America currently…

According to venerable ADP, private sector employment across the country increased in May by 253,000 jobs.

Meanwhile, the Institute for Supply Management reports that “economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in May, and the overall economy grew for the 96th consecutive month” in a row.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, not surprisingly considering the above statistics, job openings in the USA are at an all-time high – an April survey showing employment openings rated its highest level on record at 4%. The article also speaks of the difficulties many companies are experiencing in securing employees for all these new positions.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses released statistics with the headline reading, SMALL BUSINESS OPTIMISM INDEX CONTINUED RECORD STREAK IN MAY. Not just large companies are growing and seeking workers – smaller companies find themselves in the same situation as their business is booming.

Lastly, Staffing Industry Analysts is predicting that within the next five years, the “independent workforce” (including temporary employees) will swell in ranks to 47.6 million individuals!

These are certainly interesting times to be involved with the temporary labor market and industry, and we at Flex-Team are happy and honored to be able to offer labor solutions that keep growing companies moving upwards in these very busy boom times.

Care to learn more about Flex-Team Inc? Watch our new temp staffing video right here for an overview. Thank you!

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