The Value of Temp-to-Hire Placements for Job Seekers Today

This post features some content from our past that we thought would be relevant to today’s readers. What do YOU think about temp-to-hire job placements?

While unemployed individuals look for their next job, it’s a wise decision to consider the benefits of a staffing company. And when these workers DO sign-up with a staffing agency, they often come across an employment scenario called temp-to-hire. Temp-to-hire is probably just what you think it is – a trial period of working for a company as an employee of the agency until an agreed-upon time limit has been reached, at which point the company hires the agency’s employee from them as a permanent new-hire worker.

Individuals work through a staffing company, and are placed within a client company. If they do well with the company, they can be hired on in a permanent capacity with the company. It’s important to keep in mind that just because one has been placed with a company on a temporary basis, this does not guarantee that they will be offered a permanent position. The company can decide that it does not want to fill the position on a permanent basis, or it may have to let some employees go to save money during “dry” periods. It might also decide that the temp-to-hire worker is not suitable for its culture – personality it an important consideration for some tight-knit operations and to ensure positive morale, hiring managers sometimes turn down possible employees due to a “bad fit” in their organization.

There are definitely good reasons why employees should consider taking a position that is a temp-to-hire placement. With such positions, a worker will be able to network and communicate with the people around them. Although the individual is working on a temporary basis, they can meet so many people in the company who will get a first-hand look at the work the temp employee is doing. This can go a long way towards convincing the powers-that-be that hiring him or her is a smart idea for business. And if  the employee is not offered a permanent position at that company because of various reasons, other people who like their work may be able to refer them to someone else who may want to hire them at their place of business. Also, some companies have hiring agreements with temp agencies and an employee can only get into the company by coming aboard as a temp-to-hire worker.

The temp-to-hire scenario works well for selectivity for the employee as well as the hiring company. Sometimes, a company or business sounds wonderful on-paper to a perspective employee but once on the job, the position or the company is NOT as it was described. A temp-to-hire agreement gives both parties an opt-out if the match is not a good one, with no real hard feelings after the process has completed.

When one has a temp-to-hire position, they will give themselves a little push to go out there and explore other options because they have the confidence to do so. These types of jobs can get one foot or both feet in the door. If you do well and everyone likes you, there is a high chance that you will be offered a permanent position. And remember, if you are not offered a permanent position, you can always look for more opportunities elsewhere.  And with Flex-Team, if you do not get hired for a permanent position, your staffing manager will be able to help you by placing you in another position, along with providing feedback from the former company as to WHY they decided NOT to hire you full-time.

If you have been looking for a job for several months, you can certainly understand how frustrating and depressing it can be when you are not receiving the news you would like to hear from potential employers. If you take a temporary-to-hire position, you will be reminded that you do indeed have the skills and knowledge to get the job done.

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