Tips for Finding Great Hires in the NEO region

With all the news of late regarding near-historically low unemployment rates and the difficulty of finding quality employees for new positions or to replace retiring workers, we thought it might be good to resurrect this post that was originally penned by our President, Rick Pollock, a few years back. Rick has extensive experience in the manufacturing milieu in northeast Ohio and has seen his share of boom and bust seasons in the Midwest economy. He also has his CSP certification from the American Staffing Association, and thus is uniquely qualified to understand both what employers in light manufacturing require from temporary staffing AND what temp agencies have to do on a daily basis to locate and secured dependable and hard-working employees for their clients. Take it away, Rick…


Finding the best employee in the Akron or Canton areas is important when you are looking to fill a position within your company. Unfortunately, this is something that can be challenging because of the number of applicants you receive when an opening does surface. Sifting through all the applicants and then meeting the choice candidates can be a very time-consuming process! Here are a few recruiting tips that can help you to make this process easier.

Develop your Job Description Carefully

One of the most important things you can do when you are looking to fill a position is to make sure that your job description and outline match the position exactly. This can help to weed-out applicants who are not qualified for the position, allowing you to focus on the candidates that do have the right qualifications.  It can also help to reduce the actual number of applicants who don’t have the appropriate matching skills.

Are there specific machining skills that are needed for the job, such as those required by a CAD operator? Are their certain licenses that are required, as in the case of a CDL driver? Do you need an employee who has AT LEAST two years of experience in their craft – say those of a welder or electrician? Make sure these elements are included in your job description/advert so as to eliminate at least some of the applicants who won’t be able to pass Go for the job.

Be a Great Employer

When your business has the reputation for treating employees well, strong applicants will simply show up on your doorsteps. “If you build it, they will come,” as the famous saying from the movie Field of Dreams goes. Every employee wants to work with a great employer, and becoming one will give you access to the finest applicants in Northeast Ohio. You will still have to be selective and to screen-out those applicants who don’t match your standards, but your net accumulation of prospective hires will feature better applicants if your business is known as a place of quality employment.

Streamline your Hiring Process Via Testing and Technology

Making it as simple as possible to hire an employee is the best way to make sure you give yourself the time to focus on making the right decision. Do this by eliminating as much paperwork and tasks as possible, as well as looking for ways to improve your interview and applicant review system.  The inclusion of integrity and skills testing can help you to identify the best candidates, and utilizing online applications and forms guarantees a uniformity in the application process that makes the evaluation process go much faster. A caveat to this technique is that many professionals get irritated when having to fill-out a job application in lieu of submitting their resume, which they keep updated for job application purposes.

Consider using job boards and Internet-based employment services such as Indeed, Zip Recruiters and Career Builder also. These services can vastly broaden your initial collection of applicants, which of course means more work in selecting interviewees but also provides a better selection of applicants to choose between.


Using these tips in your hiring process will help you to make sure that you are spending adequate time on recruiting the proper and correct candidate. Selecting the best candidate will reduce the amount of turnover you see in your workforce, which can help to make your business more productive and profitable in the future.

You an also trust your recruiting process to an employment agency like Flex-Team, since we do handle direct recruiting and temp–to-hire placements for our clients as-needed. Give us a call if you’d like to discuss how this process can work for your business – delegation is the ultimate streamlined solution for employment recruiting!

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