How to Have A Successful First Day on Your Temporary Staffing Assignment – Six Tips

Occasionally  we re-post past blog entries because the information is strong and our readers can benefit from the knowledge we’re passing along. Below is one such post, with some additional new info added-in. Enjoy the info and we hope this blog post helps you in your temp experience! 

Are you ready for a successful first-day work experience?  Temporary staffing work is often an effective way to bridge the gap between long-term job opportunities, a good way to learn new skills, and offers the opportunity to experience different industries. However, many people go into temp jobs not knowing what to expect– particularly on the first day of a new assignment. It’s essential, though, to start an assignment off on the right foot in order to set the tone for a successful temporary experience. Consider the following tips for a great first day at work:

  1. Prepare ahead of time. Preparation is key to a successful first day on the job. Learn the dress code ahead of time and plan your first day wardrobe accordingly. Get all of the details you need from your employment specialist, including directions to the facility, working hours, who to report to when you arrive, and any other pertinent information. Leave plenty of time for your commute, taking into account possible traffic delays.
  2. Take notes. Your supervisor will explain company policies, procedures, and job details to you on your first day. It’s a good idea to carry a notebook and jot down key points that you’ll need to remember, so that you can reference them during your assignment. This also conveys to your supervisor that you want to excel in the position and that you have the desire to learn – always good qualities in an employee!
  3. Get to know your co-workers. You might be tempted to keep to yourself while working as a temporary employee, reasoning that you’re only going to be there for a short while. However, it’s always a good idea to get to know your co-workers, supervisors, and the management team. After all, you never know who might provide a valuable connection for you in the future. Also, communicating with workmates helps you to become part of the team, making your associates more likely to trust you and to share insights with you about how to perform better while working. And management usually appreciates employees who make the effort to introduce themselves.
  4. Be mindful of company-specific rules-of-conduct. This is a biggie! What’s totally acceptable and “normal” at one employer may be totally unacceptable at another company and knowing these “rules of the road” can help to keep you employed at a business. Smoke breaks and allowed smoking areas, cell-phone usage, parking areas, t-shirts with certain messages, the use of foul language, even talking too much while working on-the-line….pay attention to how other workers manage their behavior and ask questions if you are unsure of certain policies or practices on-the-job.
  5. Touch base with your recruiter. Open communication with your recruiter is one of the keys to a successful experience as a temporary employee. After your first day on the job, touch base with your recruiter and tell him/her about your experience. Then ask them for any feedback they received from your on-site supervisor, so you can know upfront if there are any areas you need to work to improve. Although it can be slightly intimidating, feedback is always a good thing when it comes to doing well on-the-job.
  6. Stand out by going above-and-beyond. While giving your supervisor or work associates suggestions on how to do their jobs better is NOT encouraged as a new employee, working hard and showing initiative is definitely encouraged. Can you tidy up your work area during down times? Can you show up for work and be ready-to-go a few minutes before your shift starts? Can you look polished and professional in your work attire? Small details like these make your supervisors take notice of you, and might even encourage your workmates to step up their game a bit.

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