Seasonal Hiring Gets “Hotter” This Summer – More Room for Temp Employment

It’s a generations-old phenomenon – the end of the school year and graduating high school and college students as well as warmer weather brings about much summer employment in all sorts of industries and occupations. This year seems to be especially promising, however – perhaps brought about by the news of our glowing economy as well as the growing need for additional workers who are becoming more difficult to locate and secure.

A new survey just released by CareerBuilder suggests that THIS summer may be a bit more intense when it comes to temporary hirings. According to a news article released by Staffing Industry Analysts, “Companies are stepping up their summer hiring plans, according to a survey released by CareerBuilder. The percentage of employers planning to hire seasonal workers for the summer jumped to 41% from 29% last year. However, of those who are hiring summer workers, 34% are hiring a friend, 30% a family member and 19% their child.”

Even with the slightly nepotistic hiring plans that are suggested to be accounting for 83% of summer hiring, that still leaves about 17% of summer employment to be handled by other individuals, and temp employees are the perfect candidates for such positions.

For one thing, temp employees have chosen to work for temporary employment agencies because they like the shorter-term nature of these work scenarios. They don’t expect to come on-board permanently at a business, unless temp-to-hire placement agreements have been discussed as part of their employment scenario. These flexible employees enjoy the experience of working for different companies and the variety of work environments they encounter – it’s part of the allure that makes temp work exciting for them.

Secondly, temp workers save HR managers from the unpleasant experience of having to lay-off employees once the summer rush has ended. No manager enjoys having to send someone packing because business has slowed down, which invariably happens in many work environments at the end of the season. With temp employees, it’s an agreed-upon understanding  that they are fulfilling a need with an employer that will eventually run its course and then their services will no longer be required. And that’s just fine with them, since their temp agency will then send them to a new locale to work.

It’s a powerful symbiotic relationship that is building across the U.S., as this recent blog post from Flex-Team explains. More and more businesses are understanding the value of temporary associates for a myriad of reasons. In 2017, it’s cool to be a temporary employee and smart for growing companies to utilize our employment services. Jobs in lawn care and landscaping, greenhouses, painting, outdoor construction work and remodeling, tourism and light manufacturing are all big opportunities for temp employees and busy companies this summer.

Interested in learning more? You can read the entire SIA article here on seasonal hiring growth. Or get in-touch with Flex-Team today to discover how our temporary employee services can meet your business needs short-term or for the long haul. We are here for you as we have been for the last 30-plus years!

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