Job Seeker FAQs

If you’re a job seeker looking for temporary employment in the Akron or Canton regions, Flex-Team has numerous positions available on an ongoing basis. Many individuals are surprised to learn  how convenient flexible employment can be for their lifestyles, with great long-term options developing over time. Learn more on how we operate and how YOU can fit-in by reading our FAQs below.


How soon are employees sent out for temporary work assignments after completing an application?

You should know that just because you have completed a Flex-Team application online does not mean that you are on-file and an active employee with Flex-Team Inc. You will still need to call to schedule an appointment and then come into our office to complete the interview process before you can be eligible for work for Flex-Team. During your visit your employment specialist will get to know you better, explain our standards, and assess what positions will suit you best.

At that time we will discuss current job openings to see if they are a good match for your skill set.

What do I need to bring-in for the interview process?

You should bring two forms of ID – a VALID (non-expired) government-issued picture I.D. and your Social Security Card or Birth Certificate, as well as a resume if you have one, and your bank account information – if you have one (for where we will deposit your pay each week). A drug test will also be conducted when you visit our offices.

What are the hours of operation during which new applications are accepted and interviews are conducted?

Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm are the hours during the day when you can visit our two offices to get started with Flex-Team. Our website is open 24/7 and you can call our offices up until 5 pm every week day. You can also reach our employment specialists via email 24/7 – their email address will be given to you when you come to our offices for your interview.

Are part-time jobs available?

Most of our jobs are full-time positions – either temp-to-hire placements or long-term temporary assignments. We rarely have jobs that are available on a part-time basis.

Do you have temporary jobs on the bus line?

We do have jobs available that are on bus lines, however personal transportation is preferred since it is more reliable for getting to your assignment on-time.

Do you hire felons?

Flex-Team’s background policy in regards to criminal convictions is largely determined on a case-by-case basis. In other words, your record of criminal conviction will not necessarily be a bar to employment with Flex-Team. We will do our best to place you in an opportunity that works for both you and our client. Please stop in and let us help you find employment! Don’t let your past interfere with a positive future.

How often and when are we paid at Flex-Team?

Employees are paid every Friday at Flex-Team, via direct deposit into your bank account or with a pay card we provide to you.

What kind of Drug Tests do you conduct before hiring?

Flex-Team performs 10-panel saliva drug tests for most job opportunities. However, our clients may request hair follicle, laboratory urine screens or other drug testing as well. We will inform you prior to you accepting an offer from the company on the type of drug test you will be required to take.

Do you offer benefits as an employee of Flex-Team?

Yes we do. Medical/dental/vision/disability can be purchased through Flex-Team for very reasonable rates. Please talk to your employment specialist about rates and enrolling in these programs.

Do Flex-Team employees get vacation pay or holiday pay?

Yes, after the required number of hours-worked have been accumulated, you are entitled to vacation pay and holiday pay.

How do your temp agency fees work?

Employees of Flex-Team never pay fees. Your pay rate is set by the client and you earn that rate per hour. Although there are no hidden fees, keep in mind that deductions such as insurance, child support etc. will be deducted from your pay before you receive your weekly amount.

Is there a dress code for Flex-Team employees?

Most dress codes are specific to the company where you are assigned to work. For instance, food-based manufacturing normally requires you to wear a hair net on-the-job for hygiene purposes. Other client companies we work with may ask you to wear steel-toed boots for OSHA requirements in order to protect your feet. We DO ask our employees to present a neat appearance while on-the-job, since you are representing Flex-Team at work. We provide t-shirts to our employees and encourage them to wear them so as to protect their own clothes from soiling and damage.

How long must I work for Flex-Team as a temp worker before I can become an actual employee of one of your client companies where I am assigned?

Normally, you must work for us for three months (90 calendar days) before you can become an employee of a client on a permanent basis. This is not always the case, however – some of our clients do not conduct hire-ins after three months and may want to wait longer before hiring one of our employees – it is often on a case-by-case basis. The temp-to-hire period for candidates is also sometimes reduced based on your job performance and attendance as an employee of Flex-Team.

Why should I come to work for Flex-Team over other temp staffing agencies in the Akron-Canton area?

We strive for excellence – placing candidates in the “right” position for long-term success. This is done by our seasoned recruiters who have years of experience in job placements – we ask you many questions during your interview and take the time to understand your work personality and preferences. We are friendly, understanding, and we really want to see you succeed! We strive to get our employees hired-in; they are not just temporary workers to us, but coworkers in a sense. We work compassionately to help you find a good job where you can excel.

What’s something possible employees don’t know about Flex-Team?

We have moved. Many new employees say that our old address is still listed within the Yellow Pages. Our accurate addresses are: Akron – 753 W. Waterloo Road, Akron, OH 44314-1525 and Canton – 3990 Fulton Dr. NW, Canton, Ohio 44718.

“I interviewed with Cindy today at Flex-Team in Akron. She was very nice and polite to me. She was very helpful and offered to help me with my resume. She actually has given me hope in my endeavors of finding a new job. I will be referring people to her in the future. Thank you Cindy for uplifting my spirits.”  – Vernon Brown, job applicant at Flex-Team

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