How to Become an Excellent Employee

With the recent news released just this week by The Conference Board that robust job growth is anticipated to continue throughout the summer, we thought it might be good to resurrect this blog post from our CEO, Rick Pollock, on tips to becoming the best employee possible. After all, whether you’re one of our temp-to-hire employees who has the possibility of being hired full-time by one of our client companies, or you’re out there on your own looking for that first or second great job in your career – it’s always good to read advice from a CEO on what types of qualities and attitudes make leaders want to hire you.

First up, however – please check-out what the Conference Board had to say about this somewhat-surprising but very appreciated boon in our workforce economy: “’The Employment Trends Index has been expanding rapidly in 2017, suggesting that robust job growth will continue into the summer,’ said Gad Levanon, Chief Economist, North America, at The Conference Board. ‘A tight labor market is about to get much tighter, with solid employment growth occurring at a time when there is almost no growth in the working-age population.’” Read the complete report from the Conference Board Employment Trends Index here.

Now, let’s learn a few behaviors that will make you a better employee….

Becoming a better employee  in the Akron and Canton area is always something that those in the workforce should strive for. Going through this process allows a person to become more desirable in their chosen industry, which will make finding a job easier than ever before. If you are looking to become the best employee you can be, make sure you consider the following information.

Be Organized

Being an organized person and worker is something that can help you to make sure that projects are completed properly and before deadline. Along with keeping your work area neat and free from clutter, make sure you are making to-do lists that help keep you to remain productive throughout the day. There’s also a motivating sense of accomplishment when you cross off tasks on the list that you have completed – it’s a way of marking and noticing that you’re being productive and getting things accomplished.

Take Care of your Health

Making sure you are healthy will be something that helps you in your career, and the rest of your life as well. This will give you more energy, which can help to make you more productive and effective while performing your job. In addition to your food and lifestyle, make sure you are also considering the amount of sleep you are getting when you are looking to improve this area of your life. Exercise, plenty of water, and time away from stress are also important tactics to consider. If you’re not functioning at a healthy level, it’s very unlikely that your work will be of excellent quality.

Listen to Criticism

Being open and receptive to criticism is one of the best ways to grow as a person. It’s NOT always easy, and it DOES require mindfulness to control becoming self-defensive and dismissing the critiques you receive, but the outcome is well worth it. So, set up time with your boss or a mentor who can help you to understand the areas where improvement could benefit you and the company. In the end, such willingness and open-mindedness will only help you to become a more mature worker (and human), and your bosses will notice and appreciate your “teachable spirit.”

Improving your work performance is always something that is a possibility. All it takes is a little hard work, dedication, and an understanding of what needs to change. Putting these tips into action is the best way to make sure this is a possibility for you and your career. And if you don’t do it for your career, who will?


Flex-Team Inc. offers consultation services to employers as part of our staffing solutions for NEO business. We can help your team to do better on-the-job – increasing productivity and employee morale at the same time. Contact Us if you’d like more information on what we can offer to Akron and Canton-based businesses in-need.

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