Hey Millennials! Three Tips for Starting Your Career Life

The current media landscape is abuzz with interesting figures and statistics on Millennials – the latest “generation” hitting the streets and the workplaces as new employees after Generations X and Y have made their marks collectively. If you read all the literature and stories about them, these poor Millennials seem like real aberrations to the “American Way” – they live at home long after their schooling is over, they aren’t getting married or even having meaningful relationships….they don’t even want to drive cars – gasp!

But in reality, despite being shaped far more by “technology” such as the Internet and cell phones and dating apps than their predecessors, these young men and women are just looking for love, life, some meaningful work, and understanding about How Things Work – just like past generations.

Since it’s graduation time around the country – both from colleges/universities as well as from high schools, it seems a pertinent time to pull-out a blog post our CEO – Rick Pollock – penned last year offering advice to millennials. We hope it touches on some common and basic principles EVERYONE should apply in the workplace, so please feel free to share this with any Millennial you might happen to know. And since Rick has spent the greater part of his career managing others and developing businesses, he’s in the ideal position to give advice that is really applicable to new employees entering the workforce.


Starting out in a new career is tough. There’s the constant pressure to perform at higher levels and the fear of failure. For Millennials who are just starting their careers, this pressure can sometimes be overwhelming. Luckily, there are some common and basic actions they can do be more successful in their careers.

Be Responsible, and Accountable…

Always be willing to take on more responsibility than you had before. This eagerness can show managers that you are willing to step-up when they need someone the most. However, along with this, make sure you are staying accountable for the mistakes you make, as well as for your job duties. Honesty and accountability are valuable attitudes to cultivate.

Seek Constructive Feedback…

Always be willing to listen to what your managers have to say about your job performance. This is one of the best ways you can grow in your job and make a real difference in the company. It is usually a great idea to find someone a little more seasoned than yourself to help mentor you. Learning from someone who has already been in your seat is a great way to avoid mistakes and learn faster. Plus, it’s just human nature to miss some of your own mistakes and foibles – an objective third party can provide valuable insights to you over time.

Innovate and Collaborate…

Finally, don’t be afraid to think “outside the box.” Coming up with something new or a fresh approach to an old task is a great way to breathe life into a project. You should also be willing to collaborate with your co-workers in order to discover better ways to achieve your goals and complete projects. Teamwork also has a very galvanizing, encouraging effect on the workplace.

This career advice is something that you can use to improve your career greatly. Be sure to keep it in mind as you go through your daily job duties. Looking for ways to constantly improve and stand out in the crowd is one of the best ways to ensure your success for the future.

If you’re seeking temp employment as your work model, or if you’re just looking for a decent job now that you’ve graduated school…please consider the many employment positions that Flex-Team has available currently. We are normally always looking for more great associates!

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