Four Benefits of Temporary Employees and Using A Staffing Agency

Our President, Rick Pollock, penned this convincing “argument” for the value of working with temp employees and a staffing agency not so long ago and it seemed a good subject to revisit today. What do YOU think?

Increasingly, more businesses in the Akron, Canton and northeast Ohio region across ALL industries are turning to staffing companies to help with their recruiting and hiring processes. If your company has been on the fence about bringing temporary employees on board, now could be the time to make that decision. How can temporary workers benefit your organization? Below are four of the ways working with a staffing company can help your company get ahead.

Knowledgeable. Staffing companies aren’t just a place to call when you need a temporary employee at the last minute. They also are very knowledgeable about many human resource-related topics, and they can prove to be an invaluable source of information and advice. After all, employment laws are always changing and evolving and staffing companies are required to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends. Our employment specialists are all CSP-certified by the American Staffing Association, meaning that they understand the latest rules and laws on employment and how they can influence your industry and business.

Staffing firms can help companies stay legal and compliant in a consultative framework, and we handle our employees paperwork such as taxes and benefits too.

Money-savings. While there are costs associated with adding temporary employees to a staff, they are often significantly lower than what it would cost a company to recruit, hire, and train employees the traditional way. Just the effort to get employee recruitment off-the-ground at some businesses can be overwhelming. Staffing firms are skilled in recruiting and screening new employees, which saves time as well as money.

Increased productivity. When permanent employees have too much on their plates, productivity– and employee morale– typically declines. Bringing temporary employees in-house to help relieve the workload of associates on the verge of burning-out typically results in a boost of both productivity and morale. Plus, additional hands-on-deck as-needed due to rush orders can be a business-saving maneuver for future deals.

Filling in. It can be very inconvenient for companies when an employee calls off work unexpectedly. On these occasions, temporary employees are an excellent solution; they can fill-in for absent employees on short notice. Additionally, temporary employees can be brought on board to fill in during scheduled time off, such as vacation time or maternity leave. This is a labor solution that truly takes advantage of “temporary” employment for the best outcome.

These points make sense. If you’re looking for temporary employees in the Akron and Canton region, or wish to discuss how Flex-Team associates can help your company excel, please contact us today for more information! Our Employers FAQ page has helpful information also.

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