For Successful Productivity and Long-Term Employee Engagement, Check the Supervisors First

Employee retention is all the rave these days, coupled with employee morale and having an “engagement culture” so that workers stay around after learning key skills. This increases productivity and reduces HR Team burnout; it also can lead to fostering new leaders – who otherwise might not stay on a company’s payroll if they feel mistreated or if they see others being mistreated or if they feel that the company leaders “don’t get it” on building winning work teams.

Perhaps not surprisingly to those who have worked in “nightmare” scenarios at companies where the Old Guard do things the “old-fashioned way,” sometimes it is the supervisors who make all the difference. A good supervisor empowers his or her employees, goes to bat for them, encourages and applauds them, teaches them, and acknowledges their strengths and accomplishments as well as admits when he or she has himself or herself made a mistake. A bad supervisor does very nearly the opposite of such benevolent and professional activities – he or she intimidates employees, throws them under the bus to save his or her own job, demeans them or ignores their accomplishments, withholds valuable info that could help them rise within the corporate structure,  and rarely compliments or praises them – sometimes even going so far as to take credit for their work or ideas.

Our CEO Rick Pollock knows a thing or three about managing workers and building businesses, as he worked his way up to president of his own manufacturing company before taking over Flex-Team. The blog post below is a reprint from one Rick crafted awhile back, and we thought it was particularly relevant in this time of strange leadership all around in America. Enjoy!


The success of a business depends heavily on the dedication and talent of the employees. Recruiting and retaining motivated, proactive, and talented employees takes time and dedication, but always pays off in the end. But how can we as business owners and employers acquire these employees and keep them on our teams?  The supervisors that deal with your talent on a daily basis often hold the key to retaining the best members of your team.

Recruiting and staffing agencies are huge helps when searching for talent. However, when selecting supervisors for your team, remember ineffective supervisors are the number one reason that employees leave jobs.  Also, websites like Glassdoor provide previous and current employees a public platform to discuss both the strengths and weaknesses of their employers.  This could be harmful to recruiting if the feedback is negative.

Because of these two factors, the need to place competent individuals in positions of authority has never been greater. Therefore, before hiring or promoting someone to a position of authority, consider their aptitude in the following four areas…

  1. Respect

Mutual respect between supervisors and their employees is imperative. A boss who does not respect his workers’ ideas, schedules, and opinions will be a disrespected boss. Talented employees deserve respect and a wise supervisor will recognize this.

  1. Transparency

A supervisor who seeks to understand and work with their associates, even when the topics are difficult, brings necessary transparency to the work place. Honesty between bosses and their workers ensures all involved that their voices are heard which builds loyalty and retention.

  1. Communication

Providing feedback, both positive and negative, can make the difference between a short-term employee and a retained talent. Truly dedicated workers look for feedback from their supervisors. The supervisors that can give constructive feedback provide their employees with necessary and desired growth options.

  1. Motivation

Building on the feedback, astute bosses will provide creative avenues for talented employees to grow while benefiting the company. Providing talented workers with opportunities to advance their skills leaves them with strong motivation to continue to grow with the company.

Recruiting and retaining talented employees takes time and hard work. By taking the time to carefully select skilled supervisors, you are laying the foundation for a long-term, dynamic, motivated, and dedicated team.

If you find wisdom in Rick’s words, consider partnering with Flex-Team for your additional employee needs as a premiere temp staffing supplier in northeast Ohio. For thirty years we’ve been mastering the craft of recruiting and managing temporary employees for the needs of our client customers. And we’d love to help you next. Learn more about Flex-Team and our many advantages here.

Also, if you’re a supervisor struggling to manage workers who are missing some needed skills, or if you’re an employer in-need of more workers than you can find who meet your stringent criteria, please take a look at our free resource on bridging the Skills Gap with employees today.

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