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If you are an owner/employer or HR professional in the Canton or Akron regions, you may just be discovering the many efficiencies and conveniences associated with temporary staffing as a solution for your labor shortages or demands. Take some time to read the FAQs below and you’ll understand why companies in four counties in northeast Ohio turn to Flex-Team for temp workforce solutions on a daily basis.


How long does it take to fill an order for temp workers? What is your lead time?

The time to fill a staffing order is often dependent on the type of position that we are trying to fill. For example, a general laborer with minimal work history can often be filled quickly, whereas a maintenance technician with specific skills and work history could take several weeks.
Flex-Team is not a day labor agency, so we don’t have employees sitting in our lobby waiting to be assigned. Accordingly, we typically need 24 hours to assign someone who will be a great match for your opening.

What is your screening process?

Our screening process consists of five detailed steps designed to find and select the best available temporary employees for our customers’ needs, and features a criminal background check, drug-screening, an integrity test and many more activities. Learn more here. Our employment specialists meet with and manage every one of our employees for quality placements according to your needs. Every individual is placed on-site intentionally.

Is there any type of skills testing available for employees?

Yes, Flex-Team utilizes several online testing programs to meet our customers’ needs. If you have a testing requirement, your Flex-Team representative will help you identify the test that best meets those needs and then incorporate it into the screening process for your employees.

What kind of Drug Tests do you give your temp workers?

All of our associates take a 10-panel oral fluid test. The test detects Amphetamine, Barbiturate, Benzodiazepines, Buprenorphine, Cocaine, Marijuana, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Opiates and Oxycodone. Safety is our number one concern at Flex-Team and drug screenings are a very important screening tool for providing safe and responsible workers to our clients.

Are there any guarantees for your temp workers?

Yes, our four-hour guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of any employee within the first four hours of their work at your location, notify your Flex-Team representative, then send our associate home and we will not bill you for their time. We will then provide you with a replacement worker who will be briefed on the issue that caused you to send home the former employee.

What makes you different from other staffing companies?

Our staffing team brings years of experience and actionable insights that will benefit our customers. We are locally owned and understand how business works in our area of northern Ohio. Our CEO also has past management experience in the manufacturing industry. All of our employment specialists are CSP-certified by the American Staffing Association. We’ve been in business for over 30 years.

We have a mandatory no-cell-phone policy and a 4-hour work guarantee for new workers that helps to ensure productivity. We have an integrity test that helps us to screen our employees.

Our employees are not day-labor people; they are strong candidates hoping to be hired-in permanently and then contribute to their hiring company. These men and women are looking for long-term security and value.

We are privately owned and not just another “chain” – there’s much more engagement and pride-of-ownership at Flex-Team Inc. and we value our connection and relationships with our local employing partners.

Do you hire felons?

At Flex-Team we believe in second chances and provide opportunities for felons when it is possible. We look at potential employees on a “case by case” basis. We will fully disclose the background on any of our employees BEFORE they are assigned to your location so that there is no misunderstanding – a customer can always decide to say “no” to a proposed temp worker that we are interested in placing at their facility. Often times, our most successful associates are those with a felony who are grateful for an opportunity to do better and to have a chance at a meaningful career.

What services do you offer in conjunction with your staffing solutions for my company?

Besides our temporary workforce, temp-to-hire contracts, and direct-hire staffing placement services for client businesses, we also feature payroll services, drug testing for your current employees, reference and background checks, and on-location recruiting at your site when you’re just too busy to manage the process internally. All our staffing services are accomplished by our trained team with decades of collective experience.

What’s included in the bill rate that I am charged for your temporary staffing?

Our temporary labor service includes recruiting and interviewing candidates that meet your specific criteria for employees. We provide a criminal background check, drug test, and integrity testing as part of our screening process. All of our employees are offered ACA-compliant health insurance. Flex-Team can provide online skills testing administered to candidates at no additional charge, if requested. Once the employee starts working, Flex-Team maintains the unemployment and workers compensation insurance.

How is employee compensation handled for your temp workers at my business?

Flex-Team pays our employees the rate that you set for them, weekly. We pay utilizing either direct deposit or via a pay card. As their employer of record, we also handle their W2s, benefits if they sign-up for those services through us, as well as any deductions that might be required.

So you offer benefits for your temp employees at Flex-Team?

Yes we do. Flex-Team offers our employees ACA-compliant health insurance or an indemnity plan that covers Medical/dental/vision/disability. These plans can be purchased through Flex-Team for very reasonable rates for the employees who choose these services through us.

Why should I choose Flex-Team Inc. over other temp staffing agencies in the Akron-Canton area?

Flex-Team is a locally owned business that is passionate about helping our customers to reach their goals, as well as assisting our associates to improve the quality of their lives by securing jobs at great companies. In a nutshell, it’s our decades of experience in the staffing industry coupled with our honest interest in the success of both our employees and our clients, plus our understanding of the northeastern Ohio manufacturing arena that sets us apart from other agencies.

We strive for excellence – placing candidates in the “right” position for your business needs. This is done by our seasoned and certified recruiters who have years of experience in job placements. With over 100 years of combined staffing expertise under our belts, we’ve weathered the many changes in the marketplace over the years and have learned tried-and-true methods for understanding our clients as well as our employees. We anticipate problems before they develop and proactively manage our workers for the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

We strive to be your HR partner for the long run – saving you valuable time in the recruiting and managing of your temporary workforce for production demands.

How long must I wait before I can hire one of your employees directly into my company?

Typically the temp-to-hire period is 90 calendar days before a Flex-Team employee can be hired into your company. It is important to note that when one of our associates is hired after the agreed-upon temp-to-hire period, there is no additional fee. We want our employees to succeed, and consider their hiring by you as a “graduation” we are pleased to facilitate. Sometimes our partner businesses will ask to hire one of our team members more quickly, and we are always willing to discuss this scenario with you as needed.

What do you offer your employees besides pay for working for my company?

Benefits, holiday/vacation, a recognition program, caring employment specialists, and the opportunity to be placed at a company where they can earn a living and potentially transition to a full-time employee – these are the details our temp workers enjoy as a Flex-Team Inc. employee.

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