Consider Your Supervisors When It Comes to Retaining Labor Talent

Part of Flex-Team’s ongoing mission is to serve as the auxiliary HR resource for our many busy clients. As such, consultation regarding employment dynamics at a  company becomes a very important consideration. Flex-Team Inc.’s president, Rick Pollock, wrote this blog post below concerning the important – and often-overlooked – influence a supervisor can have on a team’s morale, either for the good or for the bad, over time. We thought it deserved another viewing because it’s still a very real issue that often comes into play at a company dealing with a great deal of worker turnover. Please consider the following insights thoughtfully.


The success of a business depends heavily on the dedication and talent of the employees, naturally. Recruiting and retaining motivated, proactive, and talented employees takes time and dedication, but always pays off in the end. But how can we as business owners and employers acquire these employees and keep them on our teams?  The supervisors that deal with your talent on a daily basis often hold the key to retaining the best members of your team.

Recruiting and temp staffing agencies are huge helps when searching for talent. However, when selecting supervisors for your team, remember that ineffective supervisors are the number one reason that employees leave jobs.  Also, websites like Glassdoor provide previous and current employees with a potent public platform to discuss both the strengths and weaknesses of their employers.  This could be quite harmful to recruiting if your social media feedback is negative.

Due to these two factors, the need to place competent individuals in positions of authority has never been greater. Therefore, before hiring or promoting someone to a position of authority within your business, consider their aptitude in the following four areas.

  1. Communication

Providing feedback, both positive and negative, can make the difference between a short-term employee and a retained talent who stays for years and helps a company’s bottom line. Truly dedicated workers look for feedback from their supervisors. The supervisors that can give constructive feedback provide their employees with necessary and desired growth options via their insights and observations. Strong supervisors desire to provide both encouraging as well as corrective feedback.

  1. Motivation

Building on constructive feedback, astute bosses will provide creative avenues for talented employees to grow within while benefiting the company. Providing talented workers with opportunities to advance their skills leaves them with strong motivation to continue to grow with the company.  This improves the quality of a worker while reducing the need for perpetual employee recruitment campaigns.

  1. Transparency

A supervisor who seeks to understand and work with his or her associates, even when the topics are difficult, brings necessary transparency to the work place. Honesty between bosses and their workers ensures all involved that their voices are heard, which helps to build loyalty, trust and retention in the workplace over time and truly increases the morale at a company.

  1. Respect

Mutual respect between supervisors and their employees is imperative and not difficult to build if the preceding three tactics of communication, transparency and respect are honorably practiced. A boss who does not respect his workers’ ideas, schedules, and opinions will be a disrespected boss, period. Talented employees deserve respect, and a wise supervisor will recognize this if he or she wants cooperation and productivity. Those who do not grasp this concept end-up bringing companies downwards morale and productivity-wise over time.

Recruiting and retaining talented employees takes time, hard work, and a mentoring mindset. By taking the time to carefully select skilled supervisors, you are laying the foundation for a long-term, dynamic, motivated and dedicated team that will serve your business well.

Please reach out to Flex-Team here if you have need of our consultative HR insights in the manufacturing and admin arenas. We’d love to help!

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