College Grads Consider Temporary Employment Also

It might surprise some of our readers to learn that current graduating college students consider temporary employment as an option, yet a report released by the LaSalle Network and covered by Staffing Industry Analysts says just that. And quite a few college students think this way – 48% of those surveyed!

Perhaps this is due to ‘downward expectations’ by college students who no longer expect to do better than their parents did in the work world? Maybe it’s because current students known as millennials appear to have a bit more altruism roiling around in their brains and aren’t so caught-up in the idea of making millions by the time they are 30 years old. It might relate to the still-thawing economy and a dearth of college-degree employment opportunities.  It could also be that students have come to understand that flexible temporary work and especially temp-to-hire placements are great ways to get their “feet-in-the-door” at good companies that use temporary agencies as their gate keepers.

Quoting from the article, “The survey included more than 6,000 upcoming and recent college graduates. Respondents include those who have graduated with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree so far in 2017, and those expected to graduate this May/June 2017. Thirty-five percent of respondents have accepted a position already, and 65% of respondents are still unemployed …. Unlike the class of 2016, who expected to earn more than they ended up making, 2017 graduates’ salary expectations are in-line with what employers are offering, according to research released by staffing firm LaSalle Network … The research found 53% of respondents make what they expected; 14% make less and 30% make more than they expected. LaSalle Network believes this is in part due to graduates doing more research on compensation, with Glassdoor the No. 1 resource graduates used when conducting salary research … The survey also found 48% would take some form of temporary or temporary-to-hire position.”

While Flex-Team often champions our temp-to-hire solution as a great opportunity for employers to monitor and “test drive” a potential employee before they hire them full-time, this “trial run” employment scenario also benefits temporary workers because it affords them the opportunity to try-out various job positions before committing to one permanently (whatever “permanent” happens to mean in today’s extremely transitory job scene). Many of our customer clients do not screen workers themselves and rely on our temporary placement service to find, screen and place new employees for them – an ambitious college grad who wants to work at a certain company may have an inside track at that business by entering via our temp-to-hire service in order to get into the company on the ground floor.

We’re pleased to learn this news about recent college grads and their understanding of the employment reality in the United States at this point in our history. And we’re delighted to help place qualified and talented men and women of every educational and age level into good-quality jobs with our trusted employment partners. Come aboard the Flex-Team and see what we can do for your career future, won’t you?

Read the entire SIA article here, and thanks for visiting our blog.


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