Cell Phone No-Nos on the Temp-Job Scene

Some times our temporary associates are surprised when they learn that we expect them to refrain from using their cell phones at work. After all, isn’t the use of a cell phone at any time, day or night, and anywhere, almost a constitutional right in these 21st Century days? To answer succinctly…….”No!”

While use of personal cell phones is almost universal today and certainly comes in-handy for all sorts of reasons – from emergency roadside assistance to ordering a pizza so that it arrives at your home as you are arriving at your home after work – there are many very legitimate reasons why using a cell phone during working hours as a temporary employee is not acceptable in the majority of situations.

First off, as a temp worker representing Flex-Team, our employees are being hired and sent to industrial and office situations where they are needed to shore-up a staff or work team that is missing members. Our employees are basically there to keep production and business-as-usual running smoothly and on-schedule. There is therefore really no time to be kibitzing, chatting, yacking or talking on the phone because a job needs done and our associates have been sent there to do it. In order for Flex-Team to remain in the good graces of our many clients, our temp employees need to arrive on-time, take no prisoners, and stand-out as the excellent hired temp workers they are. Cell phone communications get in the way of that process, especially around machinery and semi-dangerous environments where concentration and attention to details are important aspects of the work-at-hand.

Secondly, and this is similar to point one but of a slightly different moral nature, our employees are on-site at company clients to perform work for our customers. They are being paid to work and exercise their skills…NOT to chat on the phone to friends or even family members. Imagine if you hired someone to come into your home to clean or paint, or hired someone to mow your lawn and tend to landscaping, but they spent time on their phone instead and were being paid for it?! You’d most likely feel incensed and also feel in some ways that you were being “cheated” out of labor you were rightfully paying to have. Creating a situation where our valued clients who trust us for labor support suddenly feel “ripped-off” is not a Flex-Team core value we’re seeking to engender with our customers.

Lastly, many clients have patent-protected processes and technologies and even machinery they use that their competitors know nothing about. And these customers wish to keep it that way. Cell phone use on-site can often lead to cell photographs taken at work – or the impression that this is happening – and we don’t want our customers feeling like their security and intellectual property and “secrets” are being captured by our workers. It’s just not a healthy or professional situation to create for all parties involved.

At Flex-Team, all our certified staffing professionals explain to our employees that cell phone usage is only for lunch and break times and also only for areas at-work where cell phones are permitted to be used. It’s really not that much of an inconvenience once our workers understand “the politics” behind our policy, and the employees we’ve come to trust and send out again and again on-location seem to understand this protocol pretty easily.

Are there other questions you may have about work at Flex-Team? Please take a look at our Employee FAQ page to learn more about how we work with our valued employees, and how we hope and expect them to work with us. Thanks!

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